What have we done for the Romans?

Kim Biddulph

In December 2019 the team at Billingsgate Roman House and Baths ran a conference session at the Theoretical Archaeology Group conference at University College London. Here are videos of some of the papers given at that session discussing what have we as archaeologists, authors, teachers and museum professionals done for the perception of the Romans. Here are videos from Dr Jane Sidell, Inspector of Ancient Monuments in London for Historic England talking about the decisions being made about what gets preserved for future generations. The children’s author Caroline Lawrence talks about her book set in Roman London and the inspiration for it. Helen Chiles of Bloomberg discussing the development of the London Mithraeum Bloomberg Space.


Many thanks to Naomi Hann, DougRocks-Macqueen, James White and Lily Hawker-Yates for recording and editing the videos.