Tower Bridge needs your help


This photograph, taken in 1894 outside one of the Towers, shows part of the construction team.

The team at Tower Bridge know precious little about the men depicted in it; judging by the hats they wear they are a mixed bunch of workers (flat caps) and foremen (bowler hats). The man in the bowler hat in the foreground bottom left might be David Harris, superintendent for William Arrol’s company, who supplied the steel for the Bridge.

But who are the others, who for example are the two boys sitting in the centre by the wheel, who is the 'old seadog' third on the bench bottom right, who is the man with the bowler hat at a rakish angle in the centre?

If you can identify any of the men here, contact the Tower Bridge team. Or let them know if you have any photographs, names, or stories linking you and your family to London's defining landmark.

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