Things we've missed about the City

City Information Centre
The City Information Centre team


"The City of London is an extraordinary mixture of history and heritage. Many of the most impressive London buildings are in the Square Mile, but there's no doubt that Wren´s masterpiece remains one of my favorite places in the world. I have gone through the heart of St Paul´s Cathedral Dome to reach the breathtaking views over the City from its Golden Gallery many times.  Although there are 528 stairs to climb up, this is a magical experience I never get tired of and I am really looking forward to doing it again as soon as it reopens!"
Eva enjoying the view from St Paul's Cathedral


"I’m missing the old Routemaster (no15), only at the weekends during summer now. Nothing beats this nostalgic feeling, sitting on the well-worn moquette, rattling down Fleet Street. Remembering this was the way to travel around London when I first moved here in 1987. For some weird reason I’m always transported back to Park Lane (my first job was at the Grosvenor House Hotel) and I can still hear the conductor asking for “tickets, please”." 
London Routemaster bus ©TonyBaggett


"I totally fell in love with 30 St May Axe, an office building affectionally called ‘The Gherkin’ when I first visited it during Open House Weekend in 2016. While, it is by no means London’s tallest building, it is perhaps one of the most intriguing ones. Always onwards and upwards, an optimistic building. A triumph of design and engineering by one of my favourite architects, Sir Norman Foster." 
The Gherkin


"What I miss about the working in the City is the unpredictability of it. It has been a film set for various blockbuster films recently from the latest Mission Impossible film where I could see a crowd of people gathering outside the City Information Centre staring up at what looked like a pin dangling at the side of the dome of St Paul’s it turned out to be none other than Tom Cruise. On another occasion I left for home and what I saw as I was walking down Ludgate hill was what appeared to see a serious accident and what looked like and alien mobile. It was only the latest Men in Black film!!!" 
Filming Men In Black: International (2019)
"By complete contrast the City of London can put on some moving spectacles. In November a special film and poem depicting the role of the fire fighters who save the destruction of St Paul’s Cathedral during the 2nd World. The film was displayed on the West entrance of the Cathedral and delighted many visitors. I look forward to many more surprises upon my return." 
Where Light Falls, St Paul's Cathedral (2019)