Genesis Foundation Podcast Episode with the Lord Mayor and Sir Simon Rattle

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About the Genesis Foundation

The Genesis Foundation is an organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting investment in the arts. Founded in 2001 by John Studzinski CBE, the Foundation has donated a total of more than £20 million to the arts in the last 20 years. Focusing on funding and partnerships, the Genesis Foundation has created opportunities for thousands of young people interested in the arts, theatre and music.

Sir Simon Rattle & The Lord Mayor of the City of London for ARTISTIC MINDS
Sir Simon Rattle & The Lord Mayor of the City of London for ARTISTIC MINDS


In the lead up to its 20th anniversary in 2021, the Genesis Foundation has launched ARTISTIC MINDS, an arts podcast with twenty episodes featuring leading figures in the world of arts and culture, including theatre, visual art and classical music. Each episode in the arts podcast provides thought-provoking insights and meaningful discussions on key issues of our time. ARTISTIC MINDS is presented and produced by broadcaster James Jolly.

In the latest episode of their podcast series ARTISTIC MINDS, Sir Simon Rattle and the Lord Mayor of the City of London discuss the impact of Covid-19, the resilience of the London Symphony Orchestra & Berliner Philharmoniker and answer questions from people in the industry about the future of classical music.  

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