Sculpture in the City: Series Industrial Windows I


Sculpture in the City artist Marisa Ferreira studio has an academic background in visual art and art and design for public space. Her 9th Edition sculpture, ‘Series Industrial Windows I’ invokes Pierre Nora’s notion of “liex de mémoire” to reflect the urban landscape as fragment, memory and vision and to question how industrial ruins solicit affective, imaginative and sensual engagements with the past.

The artwork is made on powder coated stainless steel and coloured perspex and its shifting nature of light engages and challenge the observer’s perception of space and colour. The artwork dimensions present the exact measurements of the existing windows at Sampaio Ferreira – a former textile company in Vale do Ave, north of Portugal, where the artist was born —and are built using the same construction method of a founded book shelf from the same company.

Copyright the artist. Photo @NickTurpin