Celebrating Noël Coward for LGBT+ History Month

Our City Together

As we reflect on prominent LGBT+figures throughout our history, one which we hope to celebrate soon in a new exhibition at Guildhall Art Gallery is Noël Coward. In collaboration with The Noël Coward Foundation, the City of London have curated the exhibition to celebrate the enormous impact that he and his creative circle had on the fashion and culture of his time, and how his legacy and influence still resonate today. As the opening of the exhibition has been postponed you can sign up here for updates about its opening.

“The exhibition Noël Coward: Art & Style brings a number of new perspectives to Coward’s gay identity, from spotlighting the extraordinary personal and professional network of LGBTQIA artists who were his closest collaborators and friends to his comic-anarchic outsider lens that gives his work its glittering edge. As a gay man during a time when homosexuality was criminalised in Britain, Coward learned to walk a fine line with his public image, particularly when it came to fashion. The boldly patterned silk dressing gowns that became his trademark could speak safely in camp ‘code’ to his audiences who were in the know, while also being fashionably appealing to straight audiences.”
- Brad Rosenstein, Curator of Noël Coward: Art & Style.
© The Mander & Mitchenson Theatre Collection, University of Bristol Theatre Collection photographed by Matt Crockett.