Londinium Today


We don't know how to put this but, they're kind of a big deal...

Join the Londinium Today news team, Alana Jones and Michael Imerson for an irreverent weekly round-up from the City.

Sadly, following viewer complaints of on-air drinking, Alana and Michael have been fired from Londinium Today. In this final episode, they revisit their highlights from the past 60 years of presenting the weekly Square Mile news.

Episode 3

In this weeks edition - pirates, rum, and a chance to win one of Alana's icy stares!

Episode 2

Alana and Michael are live with King John at the Royal Menagerie, there's the latest from the famous Lloyds charts and a chance to win a body part from the Londinium Today team!

Episode 1

A heart-warming tale from the City's past, the latest in the infamous Bridges chart and a chance to win a personalised message from the Londinium Today team. A little light-hearted relief in these strange times.

About Dizzy O’Dare

Dizzy O’Dare is a contemporary circus and theatre company established in 2009 by Alana Jones and Michael Imerson. Dizzy have created a diverse range of work, which has toured extensively, delighting audiences across the globe. The company aims to promote art and culture to areas with little access or engagement to great art while presenting work of the highest standard.

With the current climate as it is, Dizzy are exploring ways to bring their unique theatrical style to online audiences.