Guildhall Art Gallery Goes on Tour

Guildhall Art Gallery

Some of the paintings in Guildhall Art Gallery have been on many great travels... Working with other galleries in Europe Guildhall Art Gallery loans various paintings for inclusions in special exhibits or just because they're feeling nice. We're kidding, regardless we'd like to be in Italy at the moment, I hope Rivière's 'The Temptation in the Wilderness' will at least get us a postcard.

'My First Sermon', John Everett Millias

V&A, London. Exhibition: 'Alice Curiouser and Curisouser': 27 March 2021 –31 December 2021

One half of our beloved pair of paintings by Millais is travelling across London to feature in the long awaited ‘Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser’ exhibition at the V&A.

The painting depicts Millias’ five-year-old daughter, Effie, sitting in All Saints church at Kingston-on-Thames. The artist was dismayed at the modernisation of the church and painted the scene shortly before the destruction of the high backed pews in 1862. Following the success of 'My First Sermon' when it was displayed at the Royal Academy, 'My Second Sermon' was painted as a companion piece .

The frame for this artwork has had an interesting life history. It was removed from 'My First Sermon' after being damaged in World War II and was used to frame the portrait of Sir William Treloar by Philip Tennyson Cole. The frame was only reunited with 'My First Sermon' in 2007 as part of a major frame conservation treatment project. The image shows frame conservator, Caroline Oliver, midway through treatment to bring both of the ‘Sermon’ frames back to their former glory.

Below images of the painting, the frame in treatment, carried out by Caroline Oliver in 2007.

'My First Sermon' by John Everett Millias
Restoration of the frame by Caroline Oliver in 2007

'Ruby, Gold and Malachite', Henry Scott Tuke

Tuke at Watts Gallery, Compton: 7 June – 12 September 2021

This summer one of Henry Scott Tuke’s finest paintings ‘Ruby, Gold and Malachite’ will go on display at the Watts’s Gallery, Surrey, in an exhibition dedicated to the artist. The exhibition will then transfer to the Falmouth Art Gallery, offering a rare opportunity see our painting in Tuke’s Cornish heartland.

‘Ruby, Gold and Malachite’ painted in 1901, shows how important colour was to the artist.The artwork was named after vivid tones of the red jumper, the sunlit bodies and the green sea. The young male models were all locals to Falmouth where the painting was completed and include Georgie Fouracre, Tuke’s landlady’s son. The conservation department will carefully check the painting before it is loaned to make sure that it’s condition is stable and it is presentable for display.

 'Ruby, Gold and Malachite' by Henry Scott Tuke


'The Temptation in the Wilderness', Briton Rivière

Rivière at Casa Cavazzini, Udine, Italy.  Exhibition: ‘The Shape of Infinity’ Provisional Dates: 16 October 2021 – 27 March 2022

The new Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art at Casa Cavazzini in the historic Italian town of Udine,will host a timely and thought-provoking exhibition ‘The Shape of Infinity: The Secret Soul of the World in Modern and Contemporary Art’.

The exhibition will include one of our most symbolic paintings, ‘The Temptation in the Wilderness’ by Briton Rivière, which is a powerful depiction of Christ’s forty days and nights in the desert. Painted in 1898, it was presented by the artist himself to the gallery in 1903.

Before the loan takes place, the painting will be glazed in order to make sure it is protected from mechanical damage and environmental fluctuations in transit. Read more about 'Temptation in the Wilderness' on Google Arts and Culture.

'The Temptation in the Wilderness' by Briton Rivière