Sculpture in the City - 'Climb’ by Juliana Cerqueira


'Climb’, by Juliana Cerqueira

Image copyright the artist, courtesy of @tjboulting. Photo: © Nick Turpin

'Climb’, by Juliana Cerqueira was made from the inside out. Starting at the base of this structure the artist physically dug her way upwards through the centre of the material, leaving behind a vertical tunnel. The surface of the clay inside was marked by imprints of her knees, feet, elbows, fingers and hands as she worked her way up. Once the artist reached the top of this column of clay she cast the tunnel she’d made in a mixture of plaster and acrylic. The cast, which turned the negative space left by her actions into a shape, was then excavated out from underneath the remaining clay. This sculpture is now at Mitre Square as part of the 9th Edition of Sculpture in the City.

Hear the artist explain how she dug her way up through the centre of the clay to create the cast.