City Pets

Our City Together

The humans working hard at the City of London Corporation thought it apt to share with you their animal companions that make everyday just that little bit better. This last year has been hard for everyone, but having a friend around to cheer you up when you're down, listen to your problems, and even make you laugh certainly makes everything feel okay for awhile. That's why we love them. Without further ado... the City Pets!

Fleur from the Cultural & Visitor Development Department

This is Fleur (show name - Rodwaye Solarstorm). She's a 6 year old colour point British Shorthair from the Midlands and came to live with her humans in London on Bonfire Night 2016. She took a while to settle in but is now much more tolerant of us... A typical day for Fleur involves cat naps in various locations around the flat. Current favourite spots include the bed and her cat tree. Her favourite toys are the foil bows from presents and she likes bringing them to her humans as little gifts and she gets her daily exercise charging around the flat. She is an indoor cat but still has surprisingly good hunting skills - last summer she caught an escaped canary that landed on the balcony which was a bit of a surprise! All ended well though, the canary was rescued from her clutches and flew away to safety. She brings her humans so much happiness and comfort, we love her completely and wouldn't be without her.

Charlie and Flynn from Barbican & Community Libraries

Here are my two pets. Charlie is a 7 month old miniature poodle.  He makes us laugh every day, which is just what we need in these lock-down days!  We collected him last August Bank Holiday and he has ruled the house ever since.  We are working hard with our training.  Fingers crossed we seem to have got the house training pretty sorted, which is a huge milestone!  Charlie spends a large part of any day snoozing.  He is good at making sure that we take regular breaks from the laptops as he likes to play.  He likes chewing.  His most favourite things to chew are slippers and furniture but we divert that desire to split antlers, which are much better for everyone concerned.  He will sit on your lap in the front bay window and watch the world go by for hours.  I have a curtain twitcher for a dog!  Flynn (show name Story Tale - the only possible name for a librarian's horse) is a 27 year old anglo-arab.  I have had him since he was 4.  He was my dressage horse.  We used to compete around the local area and were okay.  We got up to Medium (for those of you who know about these things).  We did a lot of sponsored rides as well, once we did the Newmarket Ride which is 20 miles and involves a lot of galloping.  That was one of our best days ever.  He is now semi retired, lives at a wonderful livery yard and enjoys being out in the field with his mates.  I do still ride him.  We hack around the woods, breaking into canter whenever possible.  He still thinks he is 4!  I hope that we will be able to keep hacking for a few more years.  He loves having his chin scratched and he will be your best friend for ever if you give him carrots.  I love both of them very much.  Flynn has been my sports partner for many years and I am always humbled by the way he will work with me.  And Charlie is a fluffy bundle of energy who we are just getting to know but already he holds our hearts in his paws.

Agnes from the Cultural & Visitor Development Department

This is Agnes. She is a four year old, free range house rabbit. Hobbies include eating hay and lying down. She likes TV but only really watches it when there is a car chase on. We therefore have to punctuate the weekly watching schedule with the odd episode of Road Wars to keep her happy. When she isn’t eating or sleeping, she is attending to her thorough face cleansing routine or seeking a few head strokes from the nearest passer-by. It’s a great life actually. Perhaps she could be a self-care guru or well being influencer? Anyway, she’s been great company over lock-down and continues to bring bundles of joy to our home.

Kitkat from the Remembrancers Office

Kitkat, actually my parents cat, but by relation also mine. She is a really fussy cat, doesn’t like sitting on people’s laps, she’ll sit just out of arms reach when she wants petting, so we have to make the effort to reach her. She only likes my mum who feeds her and me, and she only likes me because there was a two week period when mum put a cone on her and I was staying with them at the time. Recently we’ve realised she’s more of a softy than we thought, my Dad’s mum passed at the end of last year, having never gone near him ever before, she’s suddenly started sitting on his lap in the evenings…

Scrappy from the Cultural & Visitor Development Department

My name is Scrappy. I’m 11 years old but my owners often forget this as I have the energy of a 3 year old. When they remember they get quite sad, as they like to think of me as immortal. I’m frequently told I’m the best dog in the world, which I can only assume must be true as I’ve never heard it disputed and I have no real understanding of hyperbole.  I spend my days either fast asleep or running with all of my might. I have no interest in the in-between. Best friends include: absolutely anyone I come into contact with, but special points to Alice. Although I once brought her a dead rat and she was particularly ungrateful, but I'm a forgiving chap so it's been overlooked.

Pina & Stamford from the Cultural & Visitor Development Department

These two are Stamford and Pina. Pina named affectionately after the cocktail, Piña colada, and Stamford named after the Chelsea FC football ground (a contentious choice to be honest). They are both approaching the ripe age of 4, but continue to cause much mischief and havoc and we love them for it. Peanut (the preferred name for Pina) is the lover of the two, if shes not already sleeping on you she will probably be on a blanket with someone else, or trying to drink the water out of your glass. Stamford likes to play hard to get, or thinks he does, but really he loves pets. Unfortunately he also craves violence, as he is often told, and has made a habit of swatting the ankles of passerby's on the stairs. Their furry personalities are a bit Yin and Yang but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Betty and Bentley from the Cultural and Visitor Development Department

Betty and Bentley from the Cultural and Visitor Development Department

These are Betty and Bentley, two “golden" doodles that have made my life so much better during lockdown. They live happily in North Norfolk on the coast, with my boyfriend’s mum.

Bentley loves the water, be it the sea or muddy puddles (of which we have plenty) and will race towards either and jump in with total commitment. His happy tail, wagging with excitement when he sees the sea on the horizon, in anticipation of his favourite sport, trying to catch skimmed shells in the waves. He’s still going strong for an old boy.

Betty, much younger and energetic, enjoys her morning runs through the woods bordering the dunes, running after the geese and occasionally getting lost following a deer.

In the morning they welcome me by offering their most precious treasures; perhaps the legless camel, a beaver that has seen better days, or a not so stuffed chicken. And at the end of the day, they wait for me to sit on the sofa so they can lay their heads on me, or tap me with their cute paws asking for cuddles. This is what I would describe as lockdown happiness.

I hope they will come and visit me in London once we can travel again.