Vivacious Victorians

This fun filled party pack includes everything you need to create an imaginative and inspiring Victorian-themed party at home with all the family. There are ideas for fancy dress costumes, decorations for your home, games for all ages, interesting recipes you can try out and much more. Bring Victorian Britain to your living room in this month’s pack. Remember to observe social distancing guidance.

Victorian costume ideas

Do you know your Victorian fashion faux-pas from haute-couture?

For ladies, long skirts, plain blouses and anything lace or broderie anglaise were the height of fashion. Not forgetting cinching the waist and a big bustle - it's all about the silhouette!

Men wore shirts, waistcoats and jackets - layering is key here. Prepare to be warm.

Children were often dressed as mini versions of their parents.

Create a Victorian family portrait

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had nine children and sat for many family portraits both painted and photographed, and whatever Queen Victoria did the people were keen to follow.

Remember - don't smile and use a sepia filter for an authentically Victorian picture.

Victorian decor ideas and craft activities

If you already have William Morris wallpaper then you're all set! Alternatively floral decorations, intricately folded serviettes and doilies will give your home a suitably nineteenth century feel.

The Victorian Party: food, etiquette and parlour games

Mrs Beeton is your friend in the kitchen. She also has some handy tips on budgeting, cleaning and how to treat ones servants. Failing that, our pack has a delicious biscuit recipe and a link to a modern day equivalent of Mrs Beeton on YouTube.

Many Victorian parlour games are still popular today, including charades. Hunt the slipper, less so.

Victorian Viewing: what to watch, for children and adults

Victorian books and Penny Dreadfuls have inspired so many films. We've included our favourites in the party pack.

Paper photo props

You may have some of these props around the house, but if not there's a range of cut out and wear accessories to top off your outfit.

Thanks to the team at the Guildhall Art Gallery for producing the content for this pack.