Vent by VICE X Brent

Series 2 - out now

Young people from Brent tell you the stories they care about. In the first episode of the new series, hear from Khalil (20) who tells the sometimes hilarious, sometimes graphic and sometimes painful story of what it’s like to come into your queerness on the internet.

VENT is produced by VICE and each episode is co-created with a young person from Brent.

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Series 1

As part of their London Borough of Culture programme, Brent’s young people have teamed up with VICE to investigate and interrogate the coronavirus conspiracies on a new podcast series. Created especially for the Brent 2020 Unlocked programme, VENT COVID-19 Fact Checkers invites experts and Blueprint Collective members to sift fact from fiction and reality from rumour.

To mark Mental Health Awareness week, VENT released daily podcasts, discussing issues including anxiety and what makes a relationship healthy.

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