Until Further Notice (Empty London During Lockdown)

London is on lockdown until further notice. Teralon could not pass up a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and film its empty streets.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see London’s streets this empty, and it’s pretty much every filmmaker’s dream to have a blank canvas like this. Although it was sad to see it in such a solemn state, London is so incredibly vibrant and busy that it’s easy to forget how striking and majestic it is when you’re pushing through crowds or dodging traffic.

Creating this film allowed me to reset how I see London and appreciate it again as people do when they visit for the first time. I hope others will benefit in similar ways from watching it and find a renewed appreciation, not only for the city itself, but also for the energy its people will bring back when they return. - Julian Wakefield, Director

Until Further Notice was filmed over several days between 4.30am and 8am. Every precaution was taken to keep a safe distance from others at all times during filming.