The Houndsditch Murders

Many of you will have heard about the Siege of Sidney Street, but who has heard of the Houndsditch Murders that preceded and precipitated it? Three City of London police officers were murdered in the line of duty on the night of December 16th 1910 at Exchange Buildings off Houndsditch. Two of the well-armed men involved got away to Sidney Street and were besieged by the City and Met Police and army in January 1911. Churchill famously wanted to get in on the excitement and turned up towards the end of the siege.

Kim Biddulph of the City of London Police Museum talks to Paul Bickley of the Metropolitan Police’s Crime Museum and Clare Smith of the Metropolitan Police Heritage Service about the details of the crime, subsequent investigation and siege in two videos. First up, premiering on 16th December at 2.00pm, Kim explores the case files in the City of London Police archive (held by the London Metropolitan Archives) and evidence from the Houndsditch Murders in the City of London Police Museum.


On the anniversary of the event, January 3rd 2021, the second video with Paul Bickley will premiere,where he takes us through the events leading up to the Siege of Sidney Street in 1911, and reveals the items in the Crime Museum’s collection dealing with the siege and taken from the scene, and archives from the following inquests and trials.