The Charterhouse unveils The Great Chamber Virtual Tour

The Charterhouse is a former Carthusian Monestary, the seven acre historic site still houses a 400-year-old almshouse where vulnerable residents live today. Usually operating a blooming garden, museum and tours of the sites history, The Chaterhouse preserves and promotes it's heritage of the site for future generations. To protect the current residents the Charterhouse it is still closed to the public, so the team there have unveiled a 360 degree interactive virtual tour for you explore the renovation of one of the Charterhouses most historic rooms, The Great Chamber.

The Grand Chamber, a large green room filled with portraits and an ornate white and gold ceiling
The Great Chamber © Will Pryce

The renovation of The Great Chamber was unveiled on the 8 October 2020 and attended by the City of London Lord Mayor William Russell and the Lady Mayoress. Its refurbishment included the cleaning and conservation of several historic portraits, including those of Queen Elizabeth I and King Charles II alongside other prominent figures in the history of the Charterhouse. All of the portraits and historic elements of The Great Chamber are interactive, allowing you to click on highlighted features to learn more.

More information on the history of the Charterhouse and the rennovation of The Great Chamber is found here alongside the virtual tour.