Ragstone to Riches: The story of how Roman London was built

In this talk with historian and archaeologist Dr Simon Elliott, discover more about the upper Medway Valley ragstone quarrying industry, which supplied the material to build Roman London.

The video can be viewed below from 11am on Saturday 20 June.

Dr Simon Elliott is Honorary Research Fellow at the Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies, University of Kent. He is the author of 'Sea Eagles of Empire: The Classis Britannica and the Battles for Britain', 'Empire State: How the Roman Military Built an Empire', 'Septimius Severus in Scotland: The Northern Campaigns of the First Hammer of the Scots', 'Roman Legionaries' and 'Ragstone to Riches: Imperial Estates, metalla and the Roman military in the south east of Britain during the occupation'.

Stone remains at the Billingsgate Roman House and Baths
Image by Jamie Smith