RadioLocal in Culture Mile

Broadcasting from Sat 30 May - Fri 12 June, everyday from 1- 2pm, presenters Hunt & Darton are bringing the sounds and stories of the City into your homes.

From interviews with local legends,takeaway reviews by key workers, news updates from the over 70s, family challenges and soap operas, Radio Local is a celebration of local radio and the local community. That's a lot of local...

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Critically-acclaimed extraterrestrial music satire duo Bourgeois & Maurice adopt the roles of historical documentarizers to take a look at life BC (before Covid). In their series BC World, made especially for Radio Local, B&M revisit major issues of the recent past like Brexit, environmentalism and physical human interaction, and ask what the future might hold for the great humansexual species. Dissecting every topic with a blunt scalpel before summarising it in song, BC World is a history lesson with lots of catchy tunes all and the boring facts taken out. 

Scottee & Friends present a six part audio project as part of Hunt & Darton’s Radio Local. 'Voicenotes with Strangers' allows you to overhear intimacy during social distancing. From Avon Ladies celebrating their 30th birthday to Insurance Brokers getting attacked by their cats - this is what getting to know someone you’ve never met sounds like.