LGBT+ History Month From The Museum of London

As we explore and celebrate LGBT+ History throughout this month there is a whole host of informative and interesting online content to enjoy. The Museum of London have an impressive list of events, articles and videos throughout February for you to take advantage of. On offer are explorations of homosexuality and Londinium, exhibitions of queer nightlife, school resources to teach LGBT+ history and more.


Poems, Plays and Politics- Queer Lives in the Ancient World

Join the Museum of London online for an evening extravaganza exploring queer identities in the ancient Classical worlds of Greece and Rome. This event is for over 16's only and takes place on Friday 19th February at 7pm.


London's Queer Objects

Inspired by the in-gallery Queer City tours led by visitor host Andrew Millar, Museum of London launched an online mini-series exploring 5 objects from their collection that are connected to London's rich queer history.

Night Flowers: Stunning Portraits of London's Alternative Club Scene

After dark, the Night Flowers bloom: London's most fabulously dressed revellers. Curator of Photographs Jilke Golbach interviews photographer Damien Frost about his astonishing portraits of London's queer nightlife, captured in clubs and on street corners.

Hidden Pride: London's LGBT history

Take a look through the collection for signs and symbols of the centuries-long struggle by LGBTQ+ Londoners for acceptance, recognition and equal rights.

Satan's Claws: Pointy Shoes & Sodomy in Medieval London

The Museum of London have some extravagantly pointy shoes in their medieval collections, known as "poulaines", or Polish shoes. This humble footwear hints at stories of same-sex love and London's hidden queer history.

Uncovering LGBTQ Londinium

London’s queer history starts much earlier than you might guess. Curator Francis Grew explores how recent scholarship reveals the presence of same-sex love in Roman London, and how different those relationships were from modern LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

The Royal Vauxhall Tavern: charting an iconic LGBTQ venue

Created to save an iconic queer venue from closure, this magnificent hand-drawn  map shows the rich history of South London. Curator Thomas Ardill explains the story of the Plan of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern.


LGBTQ+ History School Resources

The amazing Learning Team at the Museum of London examine historical evidence of London’s LGBT+ history with object-rich resources for secondary schools, including an FAQ, timeline and lesson starters.


Explore the selection of books, jewellery, shirts and mugs marking LGBTQ+ History Month.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled...

There are a number of talks and articles to be published, so keep your eyes peeled for;

  • Fairies, Mermaids, Vampires and Unicorns Oh My!: Folklore expert Sacha Coward explains the secret Queer historical connections of these mythical (or not) creatures in a series of videos.
  • Tales of the Molly Houses- Queer Georgians You Need to Know About: Videos published to the MoL website will explore the secret Queer Persons who were the gossip of the Molly Houses, as told by Soho and Vauxhall Queer History Tour Guide Nick Collinson
  • Remembering Pride and Prejudice- Catching Up with Matthew Hodson: Due to hit the MoL website this month, the curator of the 1999 Pride and Prejudice exhibition at the Museum of London discusses the exhibit and his recent undertaking as Chief Executive of National Aids Map (NAM).