Make a Play in a Day at Home

For those that missed out on our February half term event Make a Play in a Day – our family festival celebrating the upcoming exhibition Noël Coward: Art & Style and LGBT+ History Month - Guildhall Art Gallery invite you to try out the activities at home for yourself.

Noël Coward was a multifaceted character – A playwright, composer, director, actor, singer, and spy! He was also was a gay man at a time when people weren’t allowed to be their true selves. Meet our experts as they guide you through the importance of costume, character, set design, scripting and performance. They will give you tasks to complete along the way and if you do all four you’ll have created your own mini play complete with puppets, a set, and script which would make Noël Coward proud.

Talk: How Costume Can Make You Feel

Drag Cabaret Artist Topsie Redfern aka Nathan Kiley takes you on a journey of being your true self, and will open your eyes to the importance of performance, character and costume. Can you create a costume at home which changes how you act and feel?

Workshop: Character Creation and Puppet Making

Performer, maker and storyteller Arkem Mark Walton talks about some of the characters he has become, and shows you how to create your own character to make into a puppet. What costumed character will you create?

For this workshop you will need:

·        Some white paper 

·        Colouring pens or pencils

·        Scissors

·        Some cardboard (an empty cereal packet will do)

·        Sellotape

·        Glue

·        Things you can use as a stick (disposable chopsticks, skewers, and/or old pencils)

·        A few old magazines, used wrapping paper, and/or fabric scraps.

Workshop: Make A Scene

Set the scene in your space turning your home into a theatre with designer and scene-setter extraordinaire Shelton Lindsay. Will your potted plants become a forest or your soft toys animals on the Savannah? Your imagination is the only limit.

For this workshop you will need:

·        Things to make your scene - scrap fabric if you have any, bed sheets, throws, towels, tea towels, and/or paper and packaging from your recycle bin

·        A selection of things you can use to attach things together - for example safety pins, zip ties, hair bands,string, and/or masking tape

·        Puppets from the previous workshop and/or toys that can be characters in your play

Workshop: Put Words in Their Mouths and Put On a Show

Bring everything together with Robert Hazle from the Noël Coward Foundation. Noël Coward was known for his quips, wit and humour. In this workshop, you'll be tasked with creating your own witty interaction to make your audience chuckle and bring your characters to life and you’ll get some performance tips too.

For this workshop you will need:

·        Some paper, pens, pencils or something else to write on like a tablet

·        An inanimate object such as a spoon

Here is an example of one of the plays created during the Family Festival to help you see how you can bring everything you learned in the videos together. We hope you've had fun!