Fanny Brawne’s letter to Fanny Keats, 8 October 1821

Before he parted from Fanny Brawne and left Wentworth Place, Keats asked her to write to his sister, Fanny Keats. This began a correspondence of 31 letters over a four-year period.  

Fanny Brawne wrote this letter on 8 October 1821. She had not written to Keats’s sister in over three months, but we do not know why this was and no reason is given in her letter.

This extract is read by Darcy Keeble Watson, for the #Keats200 bicentenary programme.

Monday October 8th  

My dear Fanny

     If I am not mistaken this is about the time you expected to be in London – I hope you will not forget to appoint some day for my seeing you. Unless your time is very short I will not come should the day you mention prove wet, but wait till the next and so on, for I need not say how I hate sloppy weather and at present there is no fixing on a day with any confidence –    

  Mrs Dilke is in town and expressed a great wish to accompany me whenever I paid you a visit, but I am not sure that I can arrange it so as to bring her next time. I hope you have kept yourself safe from all colds, for though early to begin I have got a very disfiguring one, no doubt through my boast to Mrs Abbey that I never on any occasion caught cold.   You have not I suppose seen Mr Guiterez, he called about a fortnight ago to take leave, as he intended to pass a week or two at Walthamstow with his friend, Mr Wigram I think was the beautiful name. I would have sent a letter to you by him, but men are so stupid I was affraid of his losing it, besides thinking it very likely you might not meet. God bless you my dear Fanny, I shall expect every day to hear from you.

Yours very affectionately,

Frances Brawne

: Hampstead, 4 o’clock, Oct. 8. 1821. Ev.
: For Miss Keats / Richard Abbey’s Esquire / Walthamstow

The first page of Fanny Brawne’s letter to Fanny Keats of 8 October 1821.
Fanny Brawne’s letter to Fanny Keats, 8 October 1821, showing the address and postmarks. Image courtesy of Keats House, City of London Corporation. K/MS/02/049.   
Fanny Brawne’s letter to Fanny Keats, 8 October 1821, page 1.  Image courtesy of Keats House, City of London Corporation. K/MS/02/049.  ALT text: A hand-written letter.

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