Digme X Our City Together | Free yoga session

Enjoy this special online yoga session from Digme fitness studio, along with some tips on how to develop healthy eating habits, with instructor Juliet O'Connor. Click Do it now to watch the video.

About Juliet  

For Juliet, yoga is in the family - she first tried it over 10 years ago when her mother was doing her own teacher training. Drawn to movement, she quickly found the physical benefits and over time began to notice a regular yoga and meditation practice has profound effects on her mental health and well being. Conscious movement with a strong focus on breath is at the heart of Juliet's classes. Whist honouring the many different reasons for practice, she often weaves in a philosophical element or anatomical focus. A regular yoga practice can be life-enhancing and Juliet is passionate about teaching in a way that promotes self-enquiry, creates community, and is fun and accessible.