Design your own Coat of Arms

The Sutton coat of arms and crest which you can see all around the Charterhouse, was actually not originally that of founder Thomas Sutton – because he was a commoner, he didn’t have one.  But after his death in 1611 and the extraordinary legacy he left to create a school and almshouse at the Charterhouse – many wanted to honour him, so an existing Sutton family coat of arms was found, and a magnificent memorial created in the Chapel.

Here’s the opportunity to create a coat of arms and crest that you think represents the special things about your family. You can use crayons, paints, tin foil, coloured paper, felt…. anything you like!

The competition runs until the end of June – and a panel of judges will select a winner in each age category.  The winners will have their coats of arms printed on a mug and their design displayed in the Charterhouse.

Deadline for all entries:
6.00pm Tuesday 30th June 2020

For more information and to enter, click Do It Now below.

Coat-of-arms, the Charterhouse