Cooking Low-Waste Workshop

4 Mar

According to Love Food Hate Waste, UK households waste 4.5m tonnes of edible food each year, enough to fill 90 Royal Albert Halls. Growing, processing, packaging and transporting the food we eat all contribute to climate change. And then when we throw it away, it rots and releases more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

As part of Food Waste Action Week the Recycling and CCASTeam is running a Cooking Low-Waste Workshop on Thursday 4 March at 12:30pm which is online and free for anybody to attend.

SunnyJar Eco Hub will be demonstrating easy recipes and tips to save food going to waste at home and to curb the contribution it makes towards climate change. You will learn how you can make your food go further by better planning and storage of food, as well as ideas on what you can do with leftovers.

A collage of two images. On the left a round wooden plate fulled with balls of oat, banana and pumpkin seads. On the right a wooden plate with various vegetable peelings.
Sunny Jar Eco Hub will be showing you how to make Banana Oat Balls and how to best make use of your food scraps

Sunny Jar will show you how to make:

- Sunny Fridge salad-using leftover carbs and vegetables

- Ripe banana and oat energy balls

- Veg scraps stock

And will also cover:

- How to make use of your fruit and vegetable scraps and peels

- Different ways to use up stale bread

- Tasty ways to use up what’s in your fridge

If you want to cook along here are the ingredients you will need!

For the salad:

● Leftover cooked grains or pulses like rice, couscous, lentils or potatoes.

● Fresh veggies, fruits, herbs (tomatoes, cucumber, apples, grapes, parsley....)

● Condiments to make your favourite dressing (salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard and oil…)

For the energy balls:

● 1 ripe banana (1/3 cup mashed)

● 1/4 cup nut butter

● 1/4 cup honey/maple syrup

● 1 3/4 cups oats

To attend please complete the online registration form. This is a free online event, held on Zoom. Specific details on how to attend will be emailed to attendees after you register. Alternatively, the details and sign-up form is on the City of London website.

Sunny Jar Eco Hub is a social enterprise, founded by Maud and Linda, who aspire to make low waste living easy and accessible for all. They are on a mission to get Londoners rethinking their waste, reusing what they've got and up-cycling! All profits from our workshops go towards funding their community projects in East London. Follow them on social media for event updates, low waste living tips and more. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.