Building Londinium Gallery

Here is the gallery of entries for the Building Londinium challenge. Whether you’re building out of Lego, cardboard, play sand or biscuits, we want to see your models!

@_elliehunt made this amazing model of the Colosseum out of digestive biscuits, custard creams and bourbons!
This amazingly colourful Lego temple was built by @40YearsATeacher’s 4 year old.
7 year old Walter created this impressive Lego building.
@AdventuresMaxi sent us this Lego model, which they entitled “Ruins of the Temple of Mars”.
Rupert, age 4, made a model Romanfort with play sand along with wooden blocks for the legionnaires’ barracks.

We’ll add more as we get them. To find out more about it and for inspiration, see the original challenge page.