The Art of Change with Stephen Fry | Episode 1

Join writer, actor, comedian and campaigner Stephen Fry in conversation with journalist Chris Gunness for a four-part series taking Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament to spark conversations on music, art, mental health and the healing power of art.

"We realise he was, as the music tells us of course, that he was so human, that he was so desperately needing to love and be loved, as all of us are."

In this first episode of a four-part series, Stephen reads Ludwig van Beethoven’s Heiligenstadt Testament and the great composer’s inner struggles, musing on the link between genius and mental illness, popular modern images of the Romantic artist, and Beethoven at the forefront of a revolution of the heart.

The Art of Change is a series that introduces artists and performers who are passionate about changing the world, presented by Chris Gunness.

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